Annuity owners are more likely to feel...


that they will be able to retire at their anticipated retirement age (96% for annuity owners vs 68% of non-annuity owners).


about their finances (annuity owners are twice as likely than their non-annuity owning peeres).


for retirement (Annuity owners are three times more likely to feel prepared for retirement than non-annuity owners).


that retirement savings will last the rest of their lives (78% of owners say very/somewhat confident vs 61% of non-annuity owners).1

Annuity owners who receive guaranteed lifetime income worry less and spend more freely…


say it helps them worry less about day to day expenses in retirement.


say it helps them budget more effectively.

Over 2/3

say it allows them to spend more on discretionary items than they would otherwise.

Over 2/3

say it allows them to take greater investment risks with other assets than they otherwise would.2

Not all retirees feel they're on solid financial ground...

Only 1/3

of retirees are very confident that they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement (33%).

Only 1 in 4

are very confident that they know how much to withdraw from their retirement savings and investments (28%).

Over 1/2

of workers claim a product that guarantees monthly income for life will be a source of in retirement.

Nearly 3 in 5

workers agree that preparing for retirement makes them feel stressed (58%).3

See how our annuities can help your clients feel better about their retirement.


1. New York Life Wealth Watch

2. Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study, Greenwald & Associates 2020

3. EBRI Retirement Confidence Study, 2022