Annuities can be a helpful part of a broader financial strategy because they address key financial risks in retirement. In addition, annuities can positively impact behavioral biases that many retirees exhibit and may lead to greater retiree happiness, confidence, and actual investment behavior for the better.   

Annuity owners feel better than those without them.


20% vs 16% of non-owners

More on track

47% vs 32%


25% vs 18%


44% vs 30%

Annuity owners not only enjoy spending time in retirement, but their money too!


Annuity owners, 60% vs 49%, non-annuity owners.


Annuity owners, 27% vs 21%, non-annuity owners.

Less nerve-wracking

Annuity owners, 9% vs 15%, non-annuity owners.

Less stressful

Annuity owners, 23% vs 30%, non-annuity owners.

Annuity owners often hold more equity, which means they can continue to grow their nest eggs.

90% vs 73%

Annuity owners are more confident that they have the right mix of investments.

53% vs 47%

Annuity owners are more likely than non-owners to say they stay the course when markets are volatile.

36% vs 22%

More annuity owners strategize with their financial professionals.

See how our annuities can help your clients feel better about their retirement.

Source: Morning Consult on behalf of New York Life, May 2023

Morning Consult Retail Annuities Research Methodology: This poll was conducted between May 12-17th, 2023 among a sample of 2003 Pre-Retirees and 2003 Retirees. Pre-Retirees are defined as being within 10 years of retirement while Retirees are defined as retired adults with at least $100k in investable assets. Results for each audience have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.