Retirees with annuities are happier and more confident.

See how annuities can help clients feel better about their retirement.

Benefits of Annuities

Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity.

When markets gyrate, rely on our tools and resources to help you stay ahead of the curve. Check out New York Life's weekly podcasts for timely market insights.

Market Volatility



Understanding Retirement Underspending.


Despite having adequate savings to spend more freely, retirees often constrain their spending or even save money during their retirement years. Knowing more about this behavioral trend could help you have meaningful conversations with clients about their retirement spending strategies.

The Decumulation Paradox reexamined.

Navigating Market Volatility.


When investing for retirement, market ups and downs can cause investors to worry about market losses and turn to less risky investment options. While there is no guarantee that historical trends will continue in the future, in the past, equity markets rebounded from short-term shocks, eventually showing long-term gains. 

An upside to downturns.